Financial support in a crisis

Surrey Local Assistance Scheme

This scheme is offered by Surrey County Council and provides help for people following an emergency or disaster when there are no other available options. This may include:

  • to get food
  • for emergency travel costs
  • to keep your family safe
  • for furniture and / or white goods

Other support is available and will be considered when you apply. You may be awarded with one or both of the following depending on your circumstances:

  • a one-off payment
  • household goods

Applicants will only be eligible if they are at least 16 years old, able to prove that they live in Surrey or intend to live here within 28 days and are unable to access sufficient funds or are on a means tested benefit. An information leaflet is available.

You can apply via the Redhill Citizens Advice or online through the Surrey County Council website. You will need to provide proof of address so that your application can be processed.