I am facing harassment and/or illegal eviction by my landlord

For detailed advice, options and useful contact details of support agencies please see PDF below:

"I am facing illegal harassment and/or illegal eviction by my landlord" (PDF) 

Harassment and illegal evictions are both criminal offences that can result in a fine or prison sentence

What is harassment?

Various actions can count as harassment, such as:

  • Withdrawal of services e.g. stopping electricity/water/gas
  • Withholding keys
  • Interfering with the peace and comfort of those living at the property
  • Anti-social behaviour by your landlord's agent
  • Forcing the tenants to refrain from exercising their legal rights and remedies associated with their tenancy
  • Demand for excessive repairs
  • Failure to carry out repairs
  • Repairs which are not completed
  • Threats and physical violence

What is an illegal eviction?

When your landlord:

  • does not follow the correct procedure to evict you (dependent on your tenancy type)
  • does not give you reasonable notice to leave (dependent on your tenancy type)
  • changes the locks before your notice/eviction procedure ends
  • forces you to leave before your notice/eviction procedure ends
  • tries to end the tenancy by not accepting the rent (ensure you keep all correspondence if this occurs to help you when seeking legal advice)
  • makes you leave by threatening/using violence against you
  • makes it difficult for you to remain in the property
  • physically throws you out
  • stops you from getting into certain parts of the property

A landlord must follow correct legal procedures to evict a tenant from his or her property, otherwise it may be considered an illegal eviction.