I am struggling to pay my rent

If you are struggling to pay your rent, do not ignore it as that will only make your situation worse. Not paying your rent will lead to rent arrears which could eventually put you at risk of losing your home.

There are many options available to you which will help you manage your rent.

What can I do?

It is vital you contact your landlord or housing provider to make them aware that you are currently facing financial difficulties and you are trying your best to resolve this. By keeping your landlord / housing provider informed, they might be more sympathetic towards your case and allow you time to sort out your finances rather than penalising you or considering eviction. Make sure you pay what you can.


You may be entitled to some benefits to increase your income. Contact your local Citizens Advice who will be able to advise you about the benefits you may be able to claim.

Managing your income / creating a personal budget

You can generate your own income by changing the way you spend. You can do this by creating a personal budget which involves listing all your income and all you are spending to see your complete financial activity. The more honest you are with your budgeting sheet, the more useful it will be. This should help you plan your future spending by seeing how you can focus your spending on essential commitments such as your rent, Council Tax, utility bills (water, gas, electricity) and identify where you can reduce non-essential spending.

Applying for Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

DHP's are paid in addition to housing benefit and Council Tax support for those who need more help to pay their housing costs. Apply through the Discretionary Housing Payments online form.

Other ways to save money

Try searching for cheaper utility tariffs for your gas and electricity, look for cheaper mobile contracts and consider saving money on your grocery shopping by opting for non-branded (value) items / buying in bulk / browsing different supermarkets finding the cheapest prices. Don’t be afraid to take out a calculator (app available on mobiles) to work out cheaper prices when you’re shopping.

Please also read through the cost of living webpages on our website.

Cheaper accommodation

It may be worthwhile to consider finding accommodation that requires less rent than your current accommodation if you feel you will continue to struggle to keep up with rent payments despite adjusting your finances to help you save money. Use our Guide to finding accommodation in the borough to help you see what options may be available to you.

I have rent arrears

  • Seek advice from financial advice agencies (see useful housing contacts webpage) who can help you manage your finances, help you draft your personal budget and put repayment plans in place based on what you can afford. They can also liaise with your landlord on your behalf.
  • It is important you pay what you can towards your rent to maintain a good relationship with your landlord. Avoiding contact with your landlord whilst accumulating arrears may lead to the landlord evicting you. 


Useful housing contacts.