I have been told to leave my family/friend's home

For detailed advice, options available to you and contact details of useful support agencies, please click on the PDF below:

'I have been asked to leave my family/friend's home' (PDF) 

I am 17 years old or under

If you are aged 15 or under, the Council will have to refer you to Children Services, which ensures you receive the most suitable help and support. You can also contact them directly on 0300 200 1006.

I am 18 years old or over

If you have been residing with family/friends and do not have any rights to the house or tenancy and have been asked to leave, you should be given reasonable notice allowing you some time to find alternative accommodation.

It is important you try to negotiate with them in order to either remain in that property or gain some more time to secure a new place to live. 

Family and friend evictions often occur after arguments or problems within the household where tensions can become high which result in such decisions. It is worthwhile going to your family or friends when the situation has calmed down to ask them to reconsider their decision and offer to cooperate to work out a way to resolve any issues that have occurred so you can remain at the accommodation. Having your own accommodation is very expensive. It will require savings and an income to obtain and keep the accommodation. Therefore it is vital you consider negotiating with your family/friends to keep your current accommodation until you have sufficient funds to find your own home.