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2. Hackney Carriage 

The Hackney Carriage knowledge test is different to the private hire test. There are different and more advanced questions.

This is a written test, supervised by an officer under usual exam conditions at the Town Hall, Reigate. You will be allowed an hour to complete the written questions. 


We advise all our applicants to revise and practice for the test. To assist you in preparation for the test it will help to be familiar with the following documents:

• ‘The Street Atlas Surrey’ 
•  Hackney Carriage Policy and Conditions Document (PDF)  and Convictions Policy (PDF)
• ‘The Official High Way Code’ - Department for Transport, Driving Standards Agency (Great Britain) 

Please note other than an electronic PDF copy of our Hackney Carriage Policy and Conditions Document we do not supply any of the above resources. They can be purchased online or in a bookshop.

Results and Feedback

We will email the results of your test within 7 days of you sitting the test. Do not contact us for the result unless you have not received it by the end the 7 day period (check your junk email first). If you fail the test we will tell you which sections you failed on; we will not tell you which specific question(s) you got wrong. We do not give out copies of the test paper.

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