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Taxi information for the public

This page contains information on your rights as a passenger.

All taxis, private hire vehicles, their drivers and operators are required to hold a licence. All taxis hired in the borough should be licensed by Reigate & Banstead Borough Council. Private hire operators based in the borough, and the vehicle and drivers they operate, should all be licensed by this Council. 

Taxis or private hire vehicles which are operating in the Borough without a licence are breaking the law.

Your safety

In order to obtain a licence drivers of both taxis and private hire vehicles must undergo a rigorous vetting procedure by the Council. These include tests of their knowledge of the area, and medical and criminal record checks.

When a driver is granted a licence they will be issued two badges. One must be worn at all times they are working as a hackney carriage or private hire driver in such a manner as to be plainly and distinctly visible.  The second must be displayed on the dashboard, again to be plainly and distinctly visible to passengers.

You also have a right to see the driver's details (photo, badge and number) and should make a note of them, particularly as you may have lost property in the vehicle or have cause for complaint following a journey.

Different badges are issued to hackney carriage and private hire drivers - hackney carriages may be hailed in the street and may pick up passengers from taxi ranks. Private hire vehicles may only be booked in advance.

Licensed vehicles should display a plate at the rear of the vehicle.  Again, different plates are given to hackney carriage and private hire vehicles - hackney carriages will have a roof box and a meter, private hire vehicles will not.


As a passenger you have the right to know the maximum amount you will be charged for a journey.

Private hire charges are agreed between the hirer and the operator, and are not set by the Council.

Taxis (Hackney Carriages) may charge the fares in accordance with the Council's fare chart, which must be displayed in the cab.

They may not, however, charge in excess of the fares shown on the chart.

If you believe you have been overcharged for a journey please report it to the Council. If the booking was accepted by a private hire operator please contact them first to try and resolve the problem. 

Lost property

Drivers of taxis and private hire cars are duty bound to check their vehicles after their passengers get out, in order to check for lost property.

If the driver of a hackney carriage (taxi) finds an item of lost property in their cab, they must deposit it at the Council within 48 hours.

Property found in a private hire vehicle must be dealt with according to the Operator’s established procedure.  please contact the operator you booked the vehicle with to report suspected lost property.

Complaints procedure

Any complaints or comments regarding taxis and private hire vehicles and drivers, ideally quoting the vehicle licence plate number and the driver's licence number, must be sent to us using the button below:

Taxi and private hire licensing - general complaint