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2. Voting by Proxy

You can ask someone you trust to cast your vote on your behalf, this is called a proxy vote and the person casting your vote is often referred to as your proxy.

The person voting on your behalf can either go to your polling station to cast your vote, or can apply to vote on your behalf by post.

When applying for a new proxy vote, you must return your proxy vote application form by 5pm, six working days before the poll.

You will need to provide your date of birth, National Insurance number and signature on your application form.

If you have a permanent proxy in place and you move house, you will need to complete a new proxy vote application.

Voting by proxy for a specific election

You can apply to vote by proxy for a specific election if you know that you will be away on polling day for a reason such as: you will be away for work, on holiday, or have fallen ill.

There are two ways to apply for a proxy vote for a specific election:

Voting by proxy on a permanent basis

If you are unable to attend the polling station for the foreseeable future or for a long period of time, you can put in place a proxy arrangement on a long-term basis. Examples would be due to disability or are resident outside the UK for work or on an educational course. You cannot currently use the online service for this type of application. Please contact or telephone 01737 276 794 and we will send you the correct form to complete. Completed and signed paper forms can be scanned or photographed and sent by email as a clear one-page attachment to:

Electoral Services,
Reigate & Banstead Borough Council,
Castlefield Road,

How to cancel your current proxy vote

If you wish to cancel your current proxy vote, you must complete the absent vote cancellation form (PDF).

The deadline for cancelling or making any changes to an existing postal or proxy vote for a particular election is 5pm on the 11th working day before polling day.


If you need help filling in any of these forms please telephone us: 01737 276 794.