PCC Election - Thursday 2 May 2024

7. The Surrey PCC count and declaration of results

The Surrey Police Area uses a devolved count process whereby each Local Returning Officer will verify and count their own papers at local count centres in each voting area. They then submit the figures to the central hub for collation by the PARO at Donyngs Leisure Centre, Linkfield Lane, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1DP.

The PCC count will take place on the morning of Friday 3 May and the collation of the result by the PARO will take place that afternoon. The Police area Returning Officer has asked the LROs to provide verification figures by 11.30 am, and local count results are anticipated around 2.30pm. The declaration of the Surrey Police Area result is expected at around 3-4pm.

The result of the Surrey PCC election

Candidate name Description of candidate Votes
CHINN, Kate Labour Party 42,813
COLEY, Alex Foy Independent 42,052
KENNEDY, Paul Liberal Democrat 82,213
TOWNSEND, Lisa Conservative Candidate - More Police, Safer Streets 95,538 E

Rejected ballot papers

The number of ballot papers rejected at the count was as follows: Number of ballot papers
Want of official mark 0
Voting for more than one candidate 282
Writing or mark by which voter could be identified 13
Unmarked or void for uncertainty 2,771
Total: 3,066

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Declaration of results (PDF)