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1. Online payment help

You must enter details for all fields that are marked with the asterix symbol (*) where the cardholder Name and Address is entered.

If at any time you need help about the information being requested then select the 'i' information symbol.

When using the service, DO NOT use your browser navigation buttons, please use the buttons on the pages instead.

Deleting a Payment

After you have added a payment to the Payment Basket, it can be deleted by pressing the appropriate buttons to the right of the reference. It is possible to delete a payment from the list right up until the point that the payment has been accepted and then confirmed.

Card Issue Numbers

Some credit and debit cards have an issue number. If it is present on your card, it must be entered into the field provided

There is less risk of fraud to a customer making a credit or debit card payment on a properly secured web page, than any other method of credit or debit card payment.

Your Details

It is a requirement from the Bank that we request your Name, Address and a telephone number to aid in fraud prevention. The Name and address should be as per the cardholder’s details.

N.B. Please enter the name as it appears on your card, and your land line telephone number.


After you have confirmed your payment, you will be presented with a receipt screen where you can print the receipt for your records. This includes all of the details of your payment (your credit or debit card number will be partially masked) and a receipt reference. This receipt will also be sent to the email address supplied.