Emerging Local Plan

The Council began work to prepare our new Local Plan in early 2023 in accordance with the time frame set out in the Local Development Scheme (LDS). A formal launch event for new Local Plan was held in February 2023.

Local Plans set out where new development like homes, commercial space and facilities will go and guides what development looks like, over 15 years. They also ensure that facilities and services such as schools, GP surgeries and public transport are put in place to support development as well as protect the environment and character of the area.

Emerging local plan evidence

Preparing a Local Plan takes several years and we are starting now with gathering and updating evidence to inform the new Local Plan.

For further information please visit the emerging local plan evidence webpages.

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme provides a detailed timetable and project plan for emerging policy. It sets out what documents the Council is preparing and when consultation and examination will take place. 

Since the publication of our Local Development Scheme in 2022, there have been some changes to national planning policy, and changes to the local plan making process are also in the pipeline, which will affect how we produce our new Local Plan and the timelines for doing so. We will provide an updated timetable once the new process is confirmed.