Permitted development

In certain circumstances, you can carry out minor extensions and alterations to your property without the need to apply for planning permission. This is known as Permitted Development. In some instances Permitted Development rights may have been removed.

There are various interactive guides on the national Planning Portal providing guidance on permitted development: 

Permitted development only applies to houses and bungalows. Planning permission will be required for extensions and alterations to flats, maisonettes, mobile homes or residential caravans. Restrictions on permitted development may also apply if the property is listed, within a conservation area or an area of outstanding natural beauty.

If you live in a property built since the 1970s, it is possible that permitted development rights were restricted or removed by condition on the original planning consent. We will be able to confirm if this is the case.

Lawful Development Certificate

If you would like to formally clarify whether your proposal is permitted you can apply online via the Planning Portal (opens in a new window) via the Planning Portal or complete our application form for a lawful development certificate for a proposed use or development.

Please note that a fee of £103 is required for this type of application. Decisions will normally be issued within eight weeks.
Please also be aware that most building works and extensions will still need to comply with Building Regulations.