Advice from other authorities and agencies

Environment Agency

Pre-application advice

The Environment Agency is able to provide advice or information relating to a proposed development or change of use for a specific plot of land. See the Environment Agency's pre-application enquiry form ( website) for a written request for advice or information for your proposal and further information..

A guide for developers

The Environment Agency provides practical advice on adding value to your site and on making developments better for people and the environment. A revised guide published May 2013, and  further information a can be found on A guide for developers ( website).

Flood risk standing advice

Flood risk is an issue that you need to consider if you are planning a new development, whether a home extension or something bigger, or even a change of use. The Environment Agency provides a Flood risk standing advice ( website) for use by planning applicants and their agents for advice on what to do when submitting a planning application and for guidance to help with this.

Surrey County Council

Pre-application advice

The Transport Development Planning (Surrey County Council website) section is able to give advice on transportation issues related to development proposals, including pre-planning application advice on specific proposals.