Communal bins, flats and black sacks

Until you move over to the new service we will be continuing with our current refuse and recycling service for communal bins, flats and black sacks.

Our roll out of improved recycling arrangements for those living in flats or using a communal bin area is continuing, where space at each property allows. We’re writing to you ahead of introducing new recycling facilities where you live. We realise that some properties do not have space for the extra recycling bins that would be required; in these cases we will be in touch with residents or their property managers to discuss recycling options from June 2016 onwards. 

Your current service:

  • Refuse service - for homes with communal bin area, a flat above a shop office or a home using a black sack.

  • Recycling service - for homes with communal bin area, a flat above a shop/office or a home using a black sack.

New flats recycling service

We are introducing our new recycling collection service to residents living in flats and other homes with shared bin areas.  We are writing to residents as they join the service. 

  • The improved service will be introduced, where there is space, to make sure we find the right solution for your property.
  • The new service will help to recycle more – reducing waste sent to landfill.
  • We recognise different types of properties require different solutions due to issues specific to each property e.g. lack of space in bin area.
  • We will be identifying a number of solutions suitable for different types of property e.g. communal bin areas, converted houses, properties using black sacks for refuse.  

What you can recycle

  • separate paper and card recycling will remain as keeping this separate maximises its value.
  • mixed recycling: can bins will be changed to accept clean plastic bottles/pots/tubs/trays, clean glass bottles and jars, clean tins/cans/aerosols, cartons (foil & waxed lined eg Tetra Paks), clean foil.
  • new food waste only bins may be introduced.
  • refuse bins will remain for household non-recyclable rubbish.