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5. Strategic Fund

What is the Strategic Fund?

The majority of the CIL money collected is pooled together to spend on larger more costly infrastructure projects across the borough. This is known as the Strategic Fund.

The Strategic Fund must be used to fund the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure needed to support development in the borough. The infrastructure itself may be in or outside the borough.

The types of infrastructure which the Strategic Fund can be spent on are set out in the Council’s Infrastructure List in the Annual Infrastructure Funding Statement and includes:

  • highways and transport (roads, public transport and active transport);
  • off-street car parks;
  • electric car charging points;
  • education facilities;
  • healthcare (primary and acute);
  • emergency services premises;
  • community buildings;
  • digital infrastructure;
  • security and anti-crime infrastructure;
  • public realm improvements;
  • leisure centres;
  • open space, green infrastructure, sports and recreation;
  • biodiversity;
  • cemeteries and crematoria;
  • sustainability and climate change initiatives;
  • flood risk reduction schemes; and
  • waste and recycling collection and management facilities.

What is the Reigate & Banstead Borough Council SIP ?

The Council’s SIP identifies a programme of infrastructure projects which the Council has agreed in principle to fund (at least in part) with strategic CIL funding during a five year period, and the amount of funding which it will contribute.

The funding for each project is released at a suitable time in the project delivery. 

For further information on the SIP, including links to relevant Committee reports, please see the Council’s annual “ Infrastructure Funding Statement

The Council’s second Strategic Infrastructure Programme (SIP) of projects guides how strategic CIL funding will be spent  during the period 2023-2027.

>SIP 2023-27

Bids were invited for the Council’s second Strategic Infrastructure Programme (SIP) in August 2022 and 25 September 2022.

The programme of 51 projects was selected from the 75 bids received, and will guide how strategic CIL funding will be spent in the period 2023-2027. This was agreed by the Council’s Executive on 23 March 2023, and is subject to annual reviews.