Surrey Climate Change Partnership targets home energy efficiency

Surrey Energy and Sustainability Partnership targets home energy efficiency

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council, along with the other eleven Surrey local authorities comprising the Surrey Energy and Sustainability Partnership, have made a commitment to helping reduce the environmental impact and fuel bills of residents living in the county. 

Surrey Energy and Sustainability Partnership

Five year programme

A five-year county-wide community engagement scheme has been agreed that will assist partners communicate the Energy Company Obligation Scheme, and other relevant government energy policy.

Support for improving your home

Home Energy Conservation Act

The intentions and ambitions for this 5-year programme are set out in a so-called Further report to the SCCP (PDF) which meets the new requirements of the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995.

Community Engagement Activity

The report demonstrates the tools and resources that will be made available to target community engagement activity to encourage take-up of energy improvements, programme objectives by which progress will be measured against, examples of the type of community engagement activity that will be implemented, how the programme will be governed and the baseline statistics that will be used to track overarching geographical trends in carbon emissions.

Included in the Annex of the report is further information on individual councils’ plans and ambitions. These include existing commitments and strategic documentation, specific needs in the local area, council priorities, tools available, marketing/communications resources and additional reporting requirements.