Rethink Waste

The Surrey Environment Partnership (SEP) has teamed up with Greenredeem for a Surrey-wide Rethink Waste scheme that makes it easier for you to reduce your waste and help the planet.

Sign up today to take part and start earning points, which you can use to enter competitions for exciting prizes like iPads and TVs, make donations to charities or support local schools.

How to rethink your waste

It’s quick and easy to sign up online. All you need to do is enter your name, an email address and home address.

Sign up to Rethink Waste 

Once you’ve signed up, you will get:

  • A personalised online dashboard to monitor your progress and points
  • A weekly email with fun activities to nudge you towards small, yet impactful lifestyle changes

Earning and spending points

You can earn points by completing weekly waste reduction activities. You may also receive points if there have been any reductions in the amount of rubbish collected across the county.

You can use your points to:

  • donate to a national charity or local schools through the donation programmes
  • enter monthly competitions such as the Prize Draw or reward yourself with discounts on approved eco-friendly and other online products

The donation programmes

National Charities – You can donate your points to help charities gain a cash grant. Every quarter, the charity with the most amount of points at the end of each phase will receive a cash grant for £1,000.

Schools – At two points during the scheme, schools in Surrey will join the scheme to win a share of a pot of funding to help them carry out an environmental project. When schools donations are open, Rethink Waste members can donate their points to the school of their choosing.

The Greenredeem prize draw

Each month you will be able to enter up to two prize draws with the chance to win fantastic prizes, such as vouchers, iPads, smartwatches or TVs (many of which are eco-friendly, refurbished versions).

The problem with our rubbish

The amount of waste thrown away in rubbish bins, while better than average compared to similar local authorities, is high. Each resident produces an average of 431.7 kg of recycling and rubbish a year, which puts Surrey in 11th place out of 29 similar local authorities.

The more waste that is produced, the worse it is for the environment because it means that new resources are being used and emissions created in order to create new products. It also costs councils money to treat rubbish; money that could be spent on other services essential to residents.

If residents reduce the amount of waste they produce, it is good for the environment and saves councils money.