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Severe weather and our services

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Gritting - ask Surrey County Council

Responsibility for gritting in the borough lies with SCC and the Highways Agency. For gritting (and pothole) enquiries please see Highways information online (Surrey County Council website). You can also follow Surrey travel (Twitter).

If you consider a problem to be an immediate threat to life and limb telephone the SCC contact centre on 0300 200 1003 instead of using the online forms.

We do recognise however, large quantities of snow is difficult to cope with. Therefore, we are pleased to highlight our commitment to providing mutual aid assistance to our partners to help meet gritting demand within the borough.

We'd like to thank those residents and businesses who cleared snow around their own and neighbours properties.


We are enforcing parking as normal.

Trees down in the road

You can report trees that are blocking the road to Surrey County Council (SCC) on 03456 009 009. There is more detail on their Reporting storm damage or problems page (SCC website).


See the flooding pages for specific flooding information.