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On this page you can book and pay for a pest treatment with the Council's pest control contractor, Vergo Pest Management Ltd (formerly Terminix UK Ltd).

Book a pest treatment

Why do I need a pest control service?

Millions of pounds per year across the UK are spent repairing the damage caused by pests such as rats, mice and cockroaches so acting quickly to nip potential issues in the bud could save you both money and peace of mind in the long run! Some pests are carriers of disease harmful to livestock and humans. Many destroy and contaminate foods stuffs, gnaw at electrical cables, damage pipes and deface the fabric of buildings. They  can be the cause of fire, floods and prosecution due to breaches of the legislation. Above all they can potentially threaten your health, reputation and livelihood as well.

Pests treated 

The Council only offers treatment, via our contractor for the pests listed below. We are unable to offer treatments for any other pests such as foxes and pigeons. 

  • Wasps (1 visit)
  • Rats  (up to 3 visits)
  • Mice  (inside property only and up to 3 visits) 
  • Squirrels (in domestic roof voids only up to 3 visits) 
  • Common black ants (1 visit)
  • Cluster flies (we cannot treat any other type of flies)  (1 visit)
  • Fleas (1 visit)
  • Bedbugs (up to 2 visits)
  • Cockroaches (up to 2 visits)
  • Site Surveys* (1 visit, see info below)

* Our site survey option can be selected where a customer wishes to have a survey of their property or premises to assess if a pest infestation is present. If an infestation is identified, then recommendations for a suitable course of treatment will be provided. Note, no treatment is actually provided with this survey option. Should you wish to follow up on any recommendations made, a new and separate booking and payment would be required.

 Wasps – important additional information 

  • You need to know where the wasps are flying in and out of their nest, for insecticide application reasons. If you cannot see the nest, e.g. it is up a chimney, on the roof, or far side of the loft then treatment cannot be made.
  • Lofts will be treated only if they are fully boarded to provide safe access for the technician.
  • Providing the entrance to the nest can be seen, it is usually possible to treat up to first floor eaves level. Nests at excess height are unlikely to be able to be treated.
  • Treatment does not include removal of the nest or of old nests.
  • We do not treat bees, so please check before booking that it is a wasp’s nest, it is visible and the nest isn't too high up (as a guide not above two storeys in height) so the nest can be treated.

For more information on bees and how swarm or nests can be removed please see British Bee Keepers Association  or  Bumblebee Conservation Trust websites. 

Information on pest species

For further information on pest species, please see the British Pest Controls A-Z Guide of Pests (British Pest Control website).

You can contact the Council’s Contact Centre by phone Monday to Friday 10am-4pm on (01737) 276000 for further assistance. Note all treatments must be paid for in full at the time of booking by credit or debit card.