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This page sets out the Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) regarding how dogs' behaviour is regulated in the borough.

Where a person responsible for a dog does not follow the requirements of a PSPO, they are committing an offence and the Council may issue them with a fixed penalty notice of £80 or, ultimately, they may be prosecuted with a maximum £1,000 penalty on conviction.

2023 Dogs PSPOs consultation

PSPOs must be reviewed and consulted on every three years before they can be renewed. The 2023 consultation closed on 3 October 2023.

Borough-wide PSPOs

There are three PSPOs covering the whole borough - public roads, pavements and verges, parks and open spaces. 

  1. Dogs on lead by direction - dogs must be kept under control on a lead in a designated dogs on lead area or if asked by an authorised officer of the council
  2. Dog fouling - a person in charge of a dog is responsible for clearing up its faeces
  3. The maximum number of dogs that can be walked by one person at any one time in the borough is six - we are proposing to reduce the maximum number of dogs one person can walk at any one time from six to four

Parks and open spaces PSPOs

Individual parks and open spaces may have PSPOs setting out dog on lead or dog exclusion areas. These PSPOs work alongside the borough-wide PSPOs.

Full details of the individual parks and open spaces PSPOs can be found in this section.