Report a change in circumstances for benefits

Changes in circumstance can change the amount of benefit you receive. You may receive more, you may receive less or you may receive the same.

Examples of changes you must tell us about are:

  • other benefits - if you or your partner start or stop getting child benefit, income support, jobseekers allowance or any other state benefits
  • work - if you or your partner start or stop work, wages or income goes up or down (for example, if you work overtime)
  • household - if anyone who lives with you moves out, somebody new comes to live with you or you have a new baby 
  • savings - if your or your partner's go up or down
  • school - if your child leaves school or child benefit ends.

Housing benefit and council tax reduction: change in circumstances form

We will write to you if we require further documentation. However, should you wish to email supporting documents please send those to:

These are only some examples of the changes you should tell us about, if you are not sure call us on 01737 276497.

Tell us right away

It is important that you tell us as soon as you can. If the change means you will get more benefit you must notify us within one calendar month of the date of the change. If you do not you may lose money.

If the change means you will get less benefit it is important to tell us straight away to avoid being overpaid. Any overpaid benefit will need to be paid back in most cases.

Change of address form

There is a different form if you have changed address: