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2. Directory of play areas, parks and countryside


  • Banstead Orchard
    Location: High Street, Banstead
    Facilities: Open space
  • Banstead Wildlife Field
    Location: Basing Road
    Facilities: Disabled access
  • Beecholme Recreation Ground
    Location: Osier Way, Banstead
    Facilities: Open space, football pitch
  • Lady Neville Recreation Ground
    Location: Off High Street, Banstead
    Facilities: Park, tennis courts, multi sports court, bowls, playground
  • Nork Park
    Location: Nork Way, Banstead (also accessible from The Drive, Banstead)
    Facilities: Park and woodland, playground, picnic area


  • Banstead Woods/Stagbury Downs
    Location: Holly Lane, Chipstead
    Facilities: Woodland, limited disabled access, parking
  • Chipstead Meads Recreation Ground
    Location: Chipstead Meads
    Facilities: Park, rugby pitches, bowls, playground, parking
  • How Green
    Location: How Lane, Chipstead
    Facilities: Open space
  • Lakers Rise Recreation Ground
    Location: Lakers Rise, Chipstead
    Facilities: Park, playground
  • Starrock Green
    Location: Starrock Lane, Chipstead
    Facilities: Open space
  • Vincents Green
    Location: Starrock Lane, Chipstead
    Facilities: Open space


  • Earlswood Common
    Location: Woodhatch Road
    Facilities: Park, woodland, lakes, designated nature reserve, football pitches, cricket, licensed angling (licenses obtained from the Carp Shop in Horley), 2 playgrounds, picnic area, toilets, parking
  • Whitebushes Common
    Location: Three Arch Road
    Facilities: Park, football kick-about area, playground


  • Hooley Recreation Ground
    Location: Off A23 Brighton Road, Hooley
    Facilities: Football pitch
  • Maple Way Playground
    Location: Maple Way, Hooley
    Facilities: Playground


  • Bay Close Open Space
    Location: Bay Close
    Facilities: Open space
  • Church Meadows
    Location: Brighton Road, Horley
    Facilities: Open space
  • Field Bank Play Area
    Location: The Acres
    Facilities: Playarea
  • Flint close Play Area
    Location: The Acres
    Facilities: Playarea
  • Langshott estate
    Location: Langshott estate, Horley
    Facilities: Open space, woodland
  • Langshott Play Area
    Location: Oakside Lane, Horley
    Facilities: Playground only
  • Orchard Drive Play Area
    Location: Orchard Drive
    Facilities: Playground
  • Peppiatt Close Play Area
    Location: The Acres
    Facilities: Playground
  • River Mole Park
    Location: Lee Street, Horley
    Facilities: Open space
  • Riverside Garden Park
    Location: Riverside, Horley
    Facilities: Park, woodland, parking
  • Riverside Walk
    Location: Riverside Walk, Horley
    Open space, licensed angling
  • Whittaker Drive North Playarea
    Location: The Acres
    Facilities: Playarea
  • Whittaker Drive South Playarea
    Location: The Acres
    Facilities: Playarea
  • Yattendon Road Recreation Ground
    Location: Yattendon Road, Horley
    Facilities: Playground



  • Hogden Bottom Play Area
    Location: Hogden Bottom, Kingswood
    Facilities: Park, playground
  • Kingswood Recreation Ground
    Location: Buckland Road, Kingswood
    Facilities: Park and woodland, football pitches, multisports courts, bowls, playground.


  • Alderstead Heath
    Location: Dean Lane, Merstham
    Facilities: Woodland
  • Battlebridge Recreation Ground
    Location: Battlebridge Lane, Merstham
    Facilities: Park, football pitch, athletics track, playground, parking.
  • Brook Road Open Space
    Location: Brook Road, Merstham
    Facilities: Open space, playground
  • Crossways Gardens
    Location: Crossways Gardens, Merstham
    Facilities: Gardens
  • Merstham Recreation Ground
    Location: Albury Road, Merstham
    Facilities: Park, football pitches, tennis courts, multisports court, playground
  • Radstock Way Open Space
    Location: Radstock Way, Merstham
    Facilities: Woodland


  • Colesmead Recreation Ground
    Location: Colesmead Road, Redhill
    Facilities: Park, playground
  • Common Land at Asylum Arch Road
    Location: Asylum Arch Rd, Redhill
    Facilities: Woodland
  • Common Land at Three Arch Road
    Location: Three Arch Road, Redhill
    Facilities: Open space
  • Fairfax Avenue Play Area
    Location: Fairfax Avenue, Redhill
    Facilities: Playground only
  • Frenches Pond
    Location: Frenches Road
    Facilities: Open space
  • Green Way Play Area
    Location: Green Way, Redhill
    Facilities: Playground only
  • Ifold Road Play Area
    Location: Ifold Road, Redhill
    Facilities: Playground only
  • Redhill Common
    Facilities: Woodland
  • Redhill Memorial Park - now open and refurbished.
    Location: London Road, Redhill
    Facilities: Park and gardens, cafe, toilets, tennis courts , multisports court, playground, outdoor gym, parking.
  • Wordsworth Mead Play Area
    Location: Wordsworth Mead, Redhill
    Facilities: Playground only
  • Subrosa Drive playarea
    Location: Subrosa Drive, Redhill
    Facilities: small playground


  • Castle Grounds
    Location: Off High Street, Reigate
    Facilities: Gardens of historic interest, disabled access
  • Churchfields
    Location: Off Lesbourne Road
    Facilities: Bowls
  • A217 Dovers Green Road
    Location: Dovers Green Road, Reigate
    Facilities: Open space
  • Common Land at Maple Road/Woodhatch Road
    Location: Maple Road/Woodhatch Road
    Facilities: Playground, picnic area, parking
  • Hartswood Avenue Play Area
    Location: Hartswood Avenue, Reigate
    Facilities: Playground
  • Lonesome Lane Recreation Ground
    Location: Lonesome Lane, Reigate
    Facilities: Park and woodland, playground
  • Priory Park
    Location: Bell St, Reigate
    Facilities: Park of historic interest with lakes, tennis courts, football pitches, multisport courts, skatepark, playground, picnic area, toilets, parking and cafe.
  • Reigate Heath
    Location: Flanchford Road, Reigate
    Facilities: Open space and woodland, designated nature reserve, football pitches, cricket, golf.
  • Reigate Hill
    Location: Wray Lane, Reigate
    Facilities: Picnic area, woodland, scenic, parking
  • South Park Play Area
    Location: South Park, Reigate
    Facilities: Playground only
  • Trumpets Hill
    Location: Trumpets Hill Road, Reigate
    Facilities: Woodland
  • Wray Common
    Location: Croydon Road, Reigate
    Facilities: Open space, woodland
  • Woodhatch Park
    Location: Woodhatch Rd
    Facilities: Open space, playarea


  • Petridgewood Common
    Location: Woodhatch Road, Salfords
    Facilities: Woodland, cricket, football kick-about area, playground, parking
  • Salfords Recreation Ground
    Location: Mead Avenue, Salfords
    Facilities: Park, playground


  • Preston Park 
    Location: Merland Rise, Tadworth
    Facilities: Park, skatepark, playground
  • Pit Wood
    Location: Waterfield, Tadworth
    Facilities: Woodland
  • Tadworth Farm
    Location: Mallow Close, Tadworth
    Facilities: Playground


  • The Mound Open Space
    Location: Tattenham Corner
    Facilities: Open space
  • Tattenham Way Recreation Ground
    Location: Tattenham Way
    Facilities: Park, playground, football pitches, tennis, multisport court, skatepark, cricket, parking.


  • Howard Close Recreation Ground
    Location: Howard Close, Walton-on-the-Hill
    Facilities: Park, playground, football pitch.
  • Mere Pond
    Location: Walton Street
    Facilities: Scenic ponds, ornamental area, disabled access



  • Arbutus Road Open Space
    Location: Arbutus Road, Woodhatch
    Facilities: Woodland
  • Boormans Field
    Location: Woodhatch Road, Woodhatch
    Facilities: Open space
  • Felland Copse
    Location: Woodhatch Road, Woodhatch
    Facilities: Woodland

  • Furzefield Copse
    Location: Furzefield Crescent, Woodhatch
    Facilities: Woodland

  • New Pond Farm
    Location: Woodhatch Road, Woodhatch
    Facilities: Open space, football pitch, parking
  • Sandcross Lane BMX Track
    Location: Sandcross Lane, Woodhatch
    Facilities: Open space, BMX track


  • Woodmansterne Recreation Ground (The Park)
    Location: Woodmansterne Street, Woodmansterne
    Facilities: Park, football, cricket, tennis, parking
  • Woodmansterne Recreation Ground (The Street)
    Location: Woodmansterne Street, Woodmansterne
    Facilities: Cricket, playground.


To find out more about any of these locations or to book a football pitch please call the Contact Centre on 01737 276000.