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1. Council tendering opportunities

All our procurement over £5000 will be published on the South East Shared Services portal including full EU contracts worth potentially millions of pounds.


We look forward to you registering with South East Shared Services and hope you will want to apply for the many opportunities in the coming years. You will need to register in order to bid for opportunities advertised:

It is free for suppliers to register on the SE Shared Services portal. In order to help you do so, please see attached presentation from Surrey County Council which explains how to register and access the system. 

About the South East Shared Services portal

We started to use an e-tendering system in February 2015. E-tendering enables us to use electronic procurement to increase efficiency, improve transparency and achieve cost savings in procurement for the Council and for the organisations which would like to provide goods, works or services to the Council.

The system we have chosen to use is called South East Shared Services portal and is already being used by much of local government in Surrey and Sussex.