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Merstham Recreation Ground refurbishment

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1. A park for everyone – emerging plans

The Council is investing £1.5 million to refurbish Merstham Recreation Ground, the park, located between Weldon Way and Albury Road.

We know Merstham Rec is an important open space for local people, as well as for people who live in other areas and use it, so, we want to make sure we deliver the improvements people want.

We want to enable more people to enjoy the open space and use its facilities, whether it’s to walk the dog, exercise, meet and relax or just enjoy the outdoors.

The plans focus on providing:

  • play and fun
  • access for all
  • an asset for the community
  • access to nature
  • improved wellbeing
  • ways to help people be active

Following our consultation on initial ideas for improvements last autumn we have been really busy and have appointed a professional design team to take the project forward.

Your feedback, and that of local groups, organisations and sports clubs, has really helped us to understand what you like and don’t like about the Rec and what you would like to see in the future.

Update on proposals

We shared our emerging plans over the summer of 2021 and asked for feedback.

We invited feedback from residents through a short survey which closed on 17 September. We are looking at the feedback and will summarise the feedback later in the autum.

What’s next?

After hearing from residents on our plans so far, we will develop them further with a view to consulting more formally with Merstham residents in November, hopefully to finalise the design prior to submitting a planning application by winter 2021.

If approved, we will tender for the works in early 2022.

We anticipate construction to starting in the spring and being complete by the end of 2022.

There are some other things that we would like to improve in the park which are outside the scope of our budget at this time (detailed in our proposals). We will be working to try to secure more funds, such as through grants, so that we can progress these if possible.