Published Monday, 23rd May 2016

Find out about the repair works at Earlswood Lakes

Earslwood lakes

In preparation for the dam repairs at Earlswood Lakes, we have been working closely with the piscatorial fishing club and the Environmental Agency to make sure that the fish are moved from the lower lake to the top lake for the duration of the repair work. These works are due to start in early June 2016.

In order to catch the fish the water levels were lowered. These were immediately topped back up by opening the valve from the top lake to keep disruption to other wildlife, birds and reptiles to a minimum. This process was carried out with the Environmental Agency. Unfortunately, in situations like this it is impossible to avoid the loss of some fish due to the distress of the operation. This was not caused by rotors of boats or oars of rowing boats. Please note that we care deeply about wildlife and great care has been taken to minimise disruption.

The dam repair works will start in June and water levels will remain low during this time in order to work safely as we remove large roots from the dam. We hope that people understand that if we don’t take these precautions then dam failure is a real option. Dam failure could result in significant flooding that could cause damage to nearby homes and to Woodhatch Road. This is something we want to avoid at all costs.

The lower footpath at the lakes will be closed off until the first week of August as the following work takes place:

  • Topsoil from the earth dam will be stripped and relocated on site
  • Roots will be removed from the dam
  • The footpath, old brick building and large tree stump will be removed
  • A new sluice system will be installed to make water management better and safer and a new dug out ditch will be installed
  • The dam will be reprofiled and tidied up
  • It will then be seeded with wildflowers and grass.
  • There will be no trees replanted on the embankment as this causes dangerous leaks so we will instead plant a new hedge on the front of the road.
  • A new path will be installed along the bottom lake.
  • Larger seating area will be created in place of the old brick building.


Whilst this work is in process the burger van will move along to accommodate the building works. Severe disruption should be expected in the carpark for loading and delivering goods for the dam repair but no builders will be parking in the carpark itself at any time.

As soon as the above work is completed, we hope to work with volunteers and other charities to raise money and upgrade the paths in the area and make Earlswood Lakes a place everyone can enjoy and visit. Later in the year we will carry out a fish catching exercise in the top lake and move the fish back into the lower lake.



Our contractor has now begun repair work on Earlswood dam (22 June 2016). The first step is stripping the topsoil, followed by removal of the roots. It was clear when the tarmac path was lifted at the end of last week that the tree roots have caused a lot of damage.

The old Kiosk will be coming down soon and the large tree trunk will be removed later this week. Please be mindful when parking along the temporary fencing as the contractors need access to the working area. Thank you.


If you have any concerns during the dam works please contact us at Thank you.