Published Thursday, 10th March 2016

This is a new online service giving you instant access to a range of useful information about your council tax or business rates account and housing benefit and council tax reduction claims online.

It’s all part of our drive to help you to interact with us more easily when and where it suits you, from your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

 Use the checker to see

Council tax

Business rates

  • instalment details
  • how much you have left to pay
  • how your bill is calculated, including
  • discounts or benefits
  • your property band
  • how your Council Tax is spent
  • how much you have left to pay
  • instalment details
  • rateable values in the borough

Housing benefit

Council tax reduction

  • claim status
  • claim start date
  • weekly entitlement
  • next payment date and amount
  • claim start and end date
  • weekly entitlement
  • weekly liability (how much you owe)

Quick, easy and secure

The checker is quick and easy to use and you can check your account or claim securely at your convenience 24/7, so you no longer need to wait to phone us during office hours.

You will automatically be sent your unique log in details for your council tax or business rates accounts on your new bill. Benefit claim customers can use their reference number, found on any letters from us about your claim, along with your date of birth and National Insurance Number.

Did you know?

You can already use our website to pay your bill, set up a direct debit mandate, tell us about a change in your circumstances, make a benefit claim or apply for a council tax reduction.

More information

Visit our Council tax and benefits checker page for more information or to watch out short video tutorial on how to use it.