Transport noise

1. Aircraft noise

Borough residents are affected by noise from aircraft using Gatwick and Heathrow airports and Redhill aerodrome.

The council has no direct control over aircraft noise since the Environmental Protection Act statutory nuisance provisions specifically exclude action in respect of aircraft noise. 

Further, the Civil Aviation Act 1982 specifically prevents individuals from taking action in common law nuisance and trespass (where they are flown in accordance with defined protocols). 

For Gatwick traffic (and Heathrow), the Department for Transport (DfT) is the regulatory body.


Some controls exist to the development of an airport through the town and country planning legislation.

However, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council is heavily involved in local aircraft noise (and pollution issues) through response to government consultations and attendance of the Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee (GATCOM). 

Whilst as regulator the DfT is properly the organisation to be contacted if you have a complaint regarding noise from Gatwick airport or its air traffic, in practice Gatwick Airport Limited (GAL) undertakes the service of complaint collection, investigating and reporting on the DfT's behalf.


We are always interested to hear your views on aircraft and airport noise issues, so please do contact us if you have a complaint.

However, for formality and in order that the complaint can be properly logged and investigated, if you suspect that the noise is Gatwick related you should contact GAL as follows: