Postal and Proxy voting

Application deadlines

You do not have to vote in person at the polling station or be in the area on polling day. It is possible to vote by post or to nominate someone to vote on your behalf. You can find out more about postal and proxy voting on How do I vote? (About My Vote).

Deadlines to apply for a postal, or proxy vote in time for the County Elections being held on Thursday 4 May 2017:

Postal vote and postal proxy applications

Deadline: 5pm on Tuesday 18 April

Proxy vote applications (not postal proxy) Deadline: 5pm on Tuesday 25 April

Application forms to apply for, or cancel postal and proxy votes can be found below:

Application to vote by post (PDF)

Application to vote by proxy for a particular election (PDF)

Cancellation of postal or proxy vote (PDF)

Poll cards

County Elections are being held Thursday 4 May 2017, we will post more information here closer to the time.

How to complete your postal vote pack

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Registering to vote is important - to find out more see Why should I register to vote? (About My Vote)