Private renting

2. Where to find rental properties

The internet

 The is fast becoming the most common method to advertise and search for private rented accommodation. If you do not have access to the internet, visit your local library.

  • Search engines: For example, Google. This allows you to search for properties of your choice in your preferred area.
  • Local letting agents: Most letting agents advertise their properties on their websites alongside photographs and full details; you are able to search for properties in specific areas.
  • Other websites: Many websites are available which advertise properties to rent on a weekly basis, whether you looking to rent a flat, house or a room share in your desired area.


  • Local Letting Agents: Visit your local estate/letting agents to view the latest advertised properties.
  • Local newspapers: These can be viewed for free at your local library.
  • Notice boards: Many newsagents and supermarkets advertise properties on their noticeboards or shop windows.

Remember to be safe - When viewing properties for the first time, take somebody with you or let someone know where you will be going. Also, if you are enquiring about potential properties to rent (e.g. on social media) do not give out any personal details, especially if they may make you vulnerable.

Our accommodation guide contains further detailed information and website links on where to search for properties.