Banstead Woods is one of three sites of Special Scientific Interest that we maintain under guidelines from Natural England.

Banstead Woods (previously known as the Banstead Park Estate) was a deer park in the medieval period sheltering the royal deer (enclosed in 1439). In 1598 Banstead Park was stated to contain about 160 acres. It belonged to the Spencer family in 1841 when the name changed to Banstead Wood.

Proposed Local Nature Reserve

At its meeting on 23 March 2017, the Council's Executive agreed to declare the Banstead Woods and Chipstead Downs as a Local Nature Reserve.

The Executive papers, including the Management Plan, can be viewed here:

The Appendices to the Management Plan are available below:

Wildlife of Chipstead Downs

Volunteers from the Woodchips Volunteer group have recently begun producing pictorial guides to wildlife that can be found in the Chipstead Downs Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Although the guides concentrate on the Chipstead area, you might see the wildlife that is depicted anywhere that has a chalky soil. In the borough of Reigate and Banstead this is in the area around the North Downs.

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