Spillages on road

Information about spillages and mud on roads.

Mud and spills on the public highway are hazardous and can cause traffic accidents.

In other circumstances, spillage is a nuisance and needs to be cleared up.

Report immediate hazards to Surrey County Council

Where mud or spillage presents an immediate hazard to highway users, details should be passed straight to Surrey County Council, the Highway Authority.

It is important to give an exact  location, the type of material involved (mud, diesel, etc) and a rough indication as to the amount. This is not always easy, use simple measures that you’re familiar with like “mud from a big lorry over 50 meters” or “half a motorbike tank of diesel”.

If you see the person, or vehicle, responsible for the spillage please try to give a description or registration number.  

Non-immediate hazards can be reported to us 

Other incidents, where no immediate hazard is posed, should be reported to Reigate & Banstead Borough Council. We will clear up the spillage and investigate its cause.

We do not have a duty to sweep or clear up spillage on private roads or other areas, such as office car parks or garage sites. These should be notified to the relevant Management Group, Business or Housing Association/Trust.

Reporting a spillage 

If you see a incident of spillage on the highway that could cause a hazard, or are involved in a commercial incident please report it online at Highways problems and enquiries (Surrey County Council).

All other incidents can be reported to the Reigate & Banstead Borough Council customer contact team on 01737 276000.