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2. Lost and Found dogs

We (not the police) are responsible for stray dogs found within the borough.

If you have lost or found a dog, we need the following information to help you:

  • where the dog was lost or found
  • the date and time
  • description, such as colour or markings, approximate age
  • breed of dog (or type if unsure e.g. terrier) and its sex
  • whether it has a collar or tag and any other details e.g. ear tattoo.

10am to 4pm, Monday - Friday

Call the Help Line on 01737 276000 or use the contact us form below. We will then contact our dog warden who will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Please note we also have an out of hours dog collection service - call 01512212938 (call costs may vary from mobile phones due to the service provider).

Owners please note

  • You will be invoiced for all the costs that the Council incurs whilst your dog is in our care, together with a statutory handling fee. This includes kennelling and any essential vet treatment.
  • The kennels we use are fully licensed.
  • The kennels do not allow owners to collect their pet themselves; the dog warden will collect and return your dog on the next working day. This may mean that if your dog is lost on a Friday evening, the Council (and so likewise, the owner) will be charged for four days stay, as the kennel is not available to be booked out on the Monday morning.    

Dog Control Fees and Charges


Per dog 2018- 2019

Minimum charge per call out


Statutory fee


Additional charges

Out of Hours call out


collection service provided


All kennelling and vet fees incurred (varies per length of stay / essential treatment costs)

Kennelling £12 per part-day

Vet fees - as required

Provided by a range of kennels, all of which have been inspected by the Council.

Fine for losing a dog



Dog not chipped / no collar ID

£10.00 for warden to microchip dog or £15 additional fee

Option to owner to have dog chipped by Council for £10 or incur an additional £15 fee for having a non-marked dog.

A payment plan may be offered if there is difficulty in making a single payment - please mention to the Dog Warden on receiving your pet.

The council not the police

Legislation changes in 2008 (Section 68 of the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005) mean that the police can no longer accept dogs at police stations.

Once a dog restrained in some way by a member of the public, our Dog Warden will collect it and if the owner is not immediately identifiable (such as by collar tag or microchip) take it to one of our kennels. The dog will be kept safely kennelled for a minimum of seven days.

During this time we make every effort to reunite dogs with their owners. After this week we will seek to rehome the dog through a charity or with residents on our waiting list who are seeking a pet. Very occasionally, when a dog's behaviour is too unpredictable, we sadly have to ask a vet to euthanase it.