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Role title: Poll Clerk

Job summary

Department: Electoral Services

Employed by: Returning Officer

Reporting to:  Presiding Officer

Job Purpose:

To assist and support the Presiding Officer in all aspects of running the poll in the polling station. Maintain the secrecy of the ballot at all times.

Hours of Work: 6am-10:30pm

Contract Type: Casual / Temporary

Pre-employment checks: eligibility to work within the UK, and proof of your identity. Please note that to work in an election you cannot be employed by or work on behalf of an election candidate or political party.

Principal duties and responsibilities:

  1. complete all mandatory training and be familiar with the Electoral Commission handbook, and contact your Presiding Officer to confirm arrangements for the day;
  2. arrive at the polling station at 6am to assist with the setup and layout of the polling station in preparation for the opening of the polling station at 7am;
  3. wear the PPE provided and encourage electors to don a face covering (unless exempt) and sanitise hands. Manage queues and ensure social distancing is maintained. Also, to clean contact surfaces inside the polling station / entrance corridors at hourly intervals (minimum) throughout the day.
  4. check that electors are eligible to vote at the election(s) and at that polling station;
  5. write the elector number on the Corresponding Number list (CNL) against the ballot paper number to be issued;
  6. ensure only one ballot paper is removed from the ballot book for each election and issued to the elector;
  7. assist the Presiding Officer in ensuring that voters cast their vote in secret;
  8. provide cover for the Presiding Officer and other poll clerks when required;
  9. answer voters' queries in an impartial, friendly and business-like manner;
  10. after the close of poll, the Poll Clerk is required to help the Presiding Officer to dismantle the polling station and ensure the building is returned to good order and sanitised before leaving the building;
  11. carry out any other polling station duties as required by the Presiding Officer.

Job Working Environment:

Site based (at an allocated Polling Station), it will involve long unsociable hours and you must consent to working during the hours of the poll without a rest break and in excess of the maximum working hours provided by the Working Time Directive. You must organise/ provide your own transport and make your own arrangements for refreshments and meals without having to leave the polling station. You must be prepared to travel to and work in any polling station in the borough. There is no guarantee that you will be placed in the same polling station as a friend or a family member.

Person specification - Essential Qualifications, Knowledge, Experience & Skills:

  1. Excellent communication skills and ability to follow strict instructions
  2. Excellent personal presentation and commitment to customer care
  3. Excellent administration/organisational skills and attention to detail
  4. Team player and possess a flexible attitude
  5. Punctual and reliable