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4. Renewing Operators

Welcome to our dedicated application advice page. This page is intended to help applicants that have recently applied to renew an Operator Licence. Please read the information below carefully. 

Once you have submitted your renewal application to us your application will be looked into and reviewed by a Licensing Officer.  This can take several weeks from your application submission. Once all enquiries have been completed and we are satisfied you are a fit and proper person to renew your Operator licence with this Authority, we will finalise your application. After an administration processing period we will be able to create your licence and email your Licence to you.  Please note: the administration processing period can vary depending on workload. 

If you are renewing as an individual or partnership applicant then the Immigration Act 2016 requires you to show us your original documents that demonstrate you have the right to work in the UK e.g. your passport or biometric card if you are a individual or partnership. We need to check your immigration status once after 1 December 2016.  If you have already shown us the original document after 1.12.16 for this or another licence you hold with us, e.g. driver licence, please confirm this in writing to us. If you are operating as a partnership and any partner changes it is your responsibility to inform Reigate & Banstead BC and a new right to work check may be required for the new partner.  


Further information on documents required to be provided as part of your application can be found on our Document Guidance Webpage.

Licensing Application Advice Service

Licensing now offers a chargeable application advice service that is aimed at supporting your licensing application(s),  by offering bespoke advice, training or support for a vast array of licensing relating matters. The aim is to help you to anticipate and fix any problems which may arise during the application process. However, (if applicable) our advice cannot prejudge the outcome of the licensing application, especially if representations are received and a hearing takes place before the Licensing Sub-Committee.

Further information can be found on our Advice Service Webpage

Contact Us

We are confident you will be able to find all the supporting information you will need in relation to making your application on our webpages and in our guidance documents. If required, you can contact the Licensing Team via email at  Our telephone lines are open 10am-12 midday and 2pm - 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 2pm-4pm on Wednesday.

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