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Local validation list

Local Validation List

The Local Validation List clearly identifies the information that we will normally require, given both national and local requirements, to be able to register, assess and determine your planning applications. The level of information required depends on the size and type of the application as well as the specific site constraints and nature of development.

Not all the items listed under an application heading will apply in every case. Accordingly the Local List also includes guidance which sets out the circumstances in which you will need to submit specific information. This ensures that everyone involved in the planning application process has greater certainty and consistency with their applications. We aim to process new applications as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Please read the documents carefully before completing the application form and submitting your application.

If in any doubt about what information or document might be required in order to meet the relevant national or local requirement, or if you have a query about the need for information specific to a proposal please contact the Council for advice before submitting your application.

You can access necessary application forms and National and Local List requirements.

Specific site information

When determining your planning application there are a number of constraints which may have to be taken into account. Further information is given on the planning constraints page.

If your proposal involves a loss of retail shop or floorspace it will be necessary to complete and return with your application the retail questionnaire form (doc).

If your proposals involve a site which may have been subject to some form of contamination it will be necessary to provide a specialist assessment. Please refer to the specific contaminated land and development guidance that we have produced which sets out what is required.

Submitted plans and drawings

All plans and drawings accompanying an application must be dated and numbered with any revisions identified by the use of a suffice, i.e. Plan No:2100/1 Rev B.

Invalid applications

Please remember that an invalid application will incur delay and rework. Most invalid applications are owing to incorrect or missing drawings.

Here are some sample drawings with tips to help you:

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