Contaminated land and planning

The Contaminated Land Officer in Environmental Health is a Statutory Consultee to the Local Planning Authority (LPA). The Contaminated Land Officer reviews planning applications and uses the council's databases to determine if a contaminated land related planning condition should be recommended to the LPA or not. The majority of the time, should a condition be required, a standard condition would be used. However, from time to time a bespoke condition specific to a site could be used.

Contaminated Land Planning Guidance

To assist applicants with providing suitably detailed information to aid in condition discharge the below PDF guidance document has been produced. It is strongly recommended that applicants and their consultants familiarise themselves with this document, as it deconstructs typical standard planning conditions with what the LPA would usually require to discharge. The below would still be a useful guide should a non-standard condition or slight amendment to conditional wording be evident.  

Planning Conditions & Environmental Searches

It is common place for contaminated land conditions that are attached to a planning permission within our Borough to require an investigation into the contamination status of a site in a phased manner. Therefore, the first port of call is often to undertake a Phase 1 Desktop Study. One of the usual requirements of this is to seek regulatory consultation with the Environmental Health Department. This process would be the same as described above.

Should you wish to make a request for a planning history  search or a petroleum search please see the information below:

Detailed Technical Advice and Meetings

Should an applicant or consultant wish to either have detailed technical advice or to hold a meeting with the Contaminated Land Officer on matters solely relating to land contamination (which fall outside the normal planning level of service) then this is a chargeable service (cost recovery) and currently charged at £54.61 per hour, this will include any preparation required. Meetings would normally be sought at the Council Offices in Reigate. However, should a meeting at your offices be required the charge shall include travel time and mileage or train fare would be charged at cost. For further information and a quote please liaise with the Contaminated Land Officer by emailing direct (should you have their details already) or to