Housing options for 50+ year olds

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2. Staying in your home

You can receive various forms of support including help with shopping and budgeting, care services such as help with dressing, washing, administrating medications and meals on wheels to your home.

You can receive support from:

  • Social Services
  • NHS
  • Charities and private support services


You can have your home adapted to make it more suitable for your needs. Adaptions can help prevent any accidents/injuries and help with movement around the house so you can live more independently.

Disabled Facilities Grant

  • Local authorities offer schemes to help with home improvements and adaptions for those registered as disabled. This is to ensure disabled persons can move more freely and safely around their homes and have access to essential facilities.

Home improvement agencies

  • These are non-profit organisations who offer improvement/adaptions to elderly, disabled or those on lower incomes.