The Mayor's Trust Fund

Mayor's Trust Fund application form

Purpose of the Mayor’s Trust Fund 

The current Mayor’s Trust Fund was established in 1981 with the purpose of assisting the Borough’s less fortunate residents by providing support to help make a small difference in their lives that otherwise might not be possible by other sources of funding. As such the Fund is one of last resort.

What level of support can be provided? 

The Trust Fund generally distributes small disbursements up to a maximum of £750 for very special circumstances but more likely awards of approximately £50 are provided (particularly at Christmas time). 

Who can and can’t apply for support?

An application has to be made on behalf of the proposed recipient by a 3rd party. This can be Social Groups, Voluntary Sector Groups, Councillors, Social Care Sector, Housing Sector, Salvation Army or individuals able to verify the circumstances on behalf of the proposed recipient. A proposed recipient can only be nominated once per year for support. 

Applications cannot be made by the proposed recipient or a member of their immediate family. Awards will not ordinarily be made in consecutive years.

Recipients must be residents of the Borough.

When can applications be submitted?

Applications can be submitted at any time of the year by completing the form at the top of this page. Traditionally the Trust have welcomed hardship applications at Christmas time to provide support to individuals or families in need who would not otherwise be able to provide the basic ingredients to enjoy such traditional celebrations or indeed at other times of the year.

How much does the Trust have available to each year?

The funds available each year for the Trust Fund to distribute will vary depending on fluctuations of its income levels, but it is always constrained with limited finite resources available to prioritize in distribution.

Criteria for applications

The Trust Fund invites applications for support that are also in line with the Council’s core objectives as set out in its 5 Year Plan. This includes helping older people to stay independent; helping young people into employment; support for families in need; and help to undertake more active lifestyles. 

Criteria for decision making

  • Priority activity matched in the 5 Year Plan
  • Demonstration of Last Resort ie where else have applications been made
  • What difference will the support make to the family/individual
  • Funding has not been provided from the Trust before
  • Demonstration that existing income streams are not sufficient to pay for the purpose of the application  


All information provided will be verified with other information maintained by the Council to ensure that the application is valid.

Application Form

Please complete the form at the top of this page detailing the circumstances of the proposed recipient and explain why the Trust should consider supporting the application. Please provide as much detail as possible to enable the Trustees to consider the application. All information will be treated as confidential.