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Available downloads

DMSA Issues and Options Consultation Document

Statement of Availability and Representations Procedure

Development Management Plan Regulation 18 consultation document

Comments Form

Draft Sequential Test for flood risk: Potential development sites

Public Footpath 369C Horley - TCPA Diversion Order

Employment - Executive Nov 17

Retail - Executive Nov 17

Flooding - Executive November 2017

Infrastructure - Executive November 2017

Environment and Conservation Exec Nov 17

Parking Exec Nov 17

Sustainability Appraisal Exec Nov 17

Older People Exec Nov 17

Viability Exec Nov 17

Green Belt Exec Nov 17

Affordable Housing Exec Nov 17

Gypsy, Traveller, and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation

Safeguarded Land

Mobile Homes

Regulation 19 DMP Evidence Base

DMP Regulation 19

Submission Development Management Plan

Policy Maps


Heritage Strategy