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Transport for Redhill and Reigate

This page provides information about Transport for Redhill and Reigate.

Redhill Balanced Network

The joint Surrey County Council/Reigate & Banstead Borough Council bid to the Department for Transport has been successful. This funding, £2.8million, will contribute toward the costs of delivering the Balanced Network highway scheme (traffic management scheme). Further information can be viewed on the Department for Transport's website

The bid was made by Surrey County Council, as Highways Authority, with support from Reigate & Banstead Borough Council. More information can be viewed on Major transport projects (Surrey County Council's website. The bid follows the public consultation on the proposed changes to Redhill's road network which took place between November 2012 and January 2013.



Redhill's town centre faces a number of key challenges but is rich in development opportunities. Regeneration proposals for the Town Centre will benefit residents borough-wide. The road network proposals (called the balanced network) form the basis of a proposed future transport plan for Redhill to meet the challenges and opportunities arising from the potential redevelopment of the town centre.

The Balanced Network Proposals were made available during the public consultation on the Redhill Town Centre Area Action Plan in January and February 2012. These proposals have since been further developed. The design of the proposals includes a detailed general arrangement of the road, pavement and public spaces at the following locations:

  • A23/A25 Lombard roundabout
  • A23 Princess Way east of Lombard roundabout
  • A23/Sainsbury's access
  • A23 Station roundabout
  • Redstone Hill junction
  • A23 Marketfield Way
  • A23/A25 Belfry roundabout
  • A25 town centre section (currently one-way northbound)

Why does the road network need to change?

  • The balanced network proposals take into account the potential increases in traffic levels resulting from the development and regeneration of the town centre.
  • Congestion will be reduced through the rationalisation of the network and will create increased route choices.
  • There will be journey time benefits for general traffic and bus services.
  • The Balanced Network Proposals will spread benefits to a wider range of travel modes including cycling and walking.
  • Journey time savings and eased congestion will provide improvements for walking, cycling, public transport and the public realm.

Transport for Redhill and Reigate

Transport for Redhill and Reigate (TfRR) is a multi-disciplinary task group that brings together those involved in People at Redhill bus station and a blue bus transport in the Redhill and Reigate area.

This includes:

  • rail and bus operators
  • Network Rail
  • the Highways Agency
  • Surrey County Council
  • Reigate & Banstead Borough Council. 

Its role is to co-ordinate transport activities and to shape the future of transport in the Redhill and Reigate area. 

TfRR was established at a meeting of the Executive Committee held during January 2010. The report and minutes of this meeting Committee are presented below.

Transport for Surrey

TfRR is a task group of Transport for Surrey (TfS), a multi-disciplinary partnership set up by Surrey County Council to co-ordinate its main transport policies and strategies across the county.  Reigate & Banstead Borough Council is represented on the board of Transport for Surrey in recognition of its role as a growth point and currently chairs Transport for Redhill and Reigate. The agenda and minutes of TfRR's first meeting held in April 2010 can be found below.

Redhill Regeneration Forum

Transport for Redhill and Reigate is currently working in partnership with the Redhill Regeneration Forum (RRF) to move this agenda forward. RRF is a wider multi-agency task group set up to drive forward and co-ordinate the regeneration of Redhill town centre, which is a key priority of both the County and Borough Councils set out in a joint Memorandum of Understanding prepared by the two authorities. 

RRF includes representatives from a number of the bodies identified above and is also currently chaired by Reigate & Banstead Borough Council. Transport is an essential element of plans to bring forward the physical regeneration of key sites in the town and in the social regeneration of the area by improving accessibility to the town centre and opportunities for local people to live, work and spend their leisure time there.

Local Sustainable Transport Fund

One of the main tasks for TfRR and RRF is to develop proposals within the Borough for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund for which Surrey County Council will seek Department for Transport approval. This is an exciting challenge - shaping the future transportation agenda in Redhill-Reigate.

TfRR and RRF held a joint workshop on 17 March 2011 at which the Local Sustainable Transport Fund being prepared by the County Council was presented and considered. The findings of this workshop are presented below, these informed the Key Component Bid. TfRR and RRF held a further joint discussion on 17 May 2011 on the Large Project Bid Initial Proposals. The presentation given at this meeting is also included below.

As a result Surrey County Council formally submitted Surrey TravelSMART to the Department for Transport's Local Sustainable Transport Fund in two related funding applications:

  • Surrey TravelSMART: Key Component Bid (15 April 2011)
  • Surrey TravelSMART: Large Project Bid Initial Proposals (3 June 2011)
  • Surrey TravelSMART: Large Project Bid (20 December 2011) 

Reigate & Banstead also forms part of the Developing Car Clubs in Southern England Thematic Bid and the Supporting Small Business Innovation in Surrey and West Sussex Bid. 

Bid announcements

Surrey TravelSMART: Key Component Bid (15 April 2011)

  • SCC was awarded £3.93m out of the £5m applied for, of which £210,000 comes to Bike It Reigate & Banstead as set out in the bid.
  • Reigate & Banstead BC also stand to benefit from some other countywide elements.
  • The element that was not approved by the DfT was Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure.
  • Please follow the link included below to the Transport for Surrey Partnership webpage to review the newsletter for further details. 

Surrey TravelSMART: Large Project Bid Initial Proposals (3 June 2011)

  • The results of the second round Large Bid were announced by the DfT on 3 August 2011. 
  • SCC was invited to submit a revised business case, which will need to focus on a more tailored package with fewer capital items.
  • The revised package will be of at least £5m but less than the £16m originally sought.
  • SCC was invited to work with the DfT as it develops its plans, and the Borough Council will continue to work closely with the County.

Further information 

Other local authorities are also taking part in this initiative including:

For more information you can also view:

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Last updated : 12/06/2013

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