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2007 Borough election results

This page gives the 2007 Borough election results including the December 2007 Earlswood and Whitebushes by-election.

13 December 2007 by-election

Earlswood and Whitebushes by-election

The results of the by-election on 13 December 2007 to elect a new councillor to Earlswood and Whitebushes ward are as follows:

CandidatePartyNo of votes
Barnes, Joseph AndrewGreen Party54
Fox, Joseph BrianUK Independence Party113
Gosling, StuartThe Labour Party152
Oddy, Steve KeithLiberal Democrat380
Thomson, Barbara JaneThe Conservative Party421Elected

Thursday 3 May 2007 elections

Thousands of residents went to the polls on Thursday 3 May 2007 to register their vote in the Borough Council elections. Many more registered their vote by post.

Seventeen vacancies were contested by 62 candidates.

Political make-up of the Council

Prior to electionPartyFollowing election+/-
4Liberal Democrat2-2
6Residents Association60

Results by ward (including voter turnout)

Banstead Village Ward

Turnout: 34.29%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Atkinson, Anthony N GUK Ind308
Hack, Lynne RCons1434Elected
Lowe, Samuel DGreen158
Mendis, Rohitha MLib Dem262
Chipstead, Hooley and Woodmansterne Ward

Turnout: 31.25%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Carey, Moray W MLib Dem378
Pettigrew, AndrewUK Ind162
Stephenson, John MCons1464Elected
Earlswood and Whitebushes Ward

Turnout: 32.63%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Banks, Ashley SGreen116
Fromant, Robert JLab317
Hutchison, PaulCons848Elected
Lambell, Peter JLib Dem593
Smith, Stephen PUK Ind169
Horley Central Ward

Turnout: 29.48%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Gall, Janice FUK Ind290
Lynch, Andrew MCons877Elected
Mabbett, Linda JLab255
Southall, Geoffrey LLib Dem307
Horley West Ward

Turnout: 28.49%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Bonsor, Simon JLib Dem310
Brooke-Harte, Denese LUK Ind328
Miller, Michael JCons855Elected
Norgrove, Rosemary ALab166
Kingswood with Burgh Heath Ward

Turnout: 33.86%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Larg, YvonneUK Ind248
Lockhart, LeonieLib Dem254
Mill, RosCons1221Elected
Meadvale and St John's Ward

Turnout: 39.38%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Hicks, Deirdre DUK Ind192
Massey, Kent M PCons809
Norman, Graham LLib Dem1197Elected
Merstham Ward

Turnout: 42.29%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
O'Dwyer, GerryLab175
Oddy, Steve KLib Dem786
Parker, Elizabeth MUK Ind224
Phillips, PeterBNP228
Rampertab, RajCons888Elected
Richardson, Drummond JGreen87
Nork Ward

Turnout: 34.45%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Selby, Michael JNork Res Assoc1420Elected
Tweedale, Paul ECons516
Preston Ward

Turnout: 28.51%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Burrell, Alice SCons178
Dixon, FranLab191Elected
Horne, BrianInd157
Redhill East Ward

Turnout: 35.41%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Berge, JohnLab256
Burrows, Michael ALib Dem291
Essex, Jonathan CGreen416
Fox, Joseph BUK Ind158
Poulter, Daniel L JCons776Elected
Redhill West Ward

Turnout: 37.34%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Ellacott, Julian MCons1113Elected
Gosling, StuartLab367
Pearson, Timothy HUK Ind225
Roulston, GemmaLib Dem424
Reigate Central Ward

Turnout: 43.12%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Drysdale, KatieLib Dem666
Dunsmuir, JaneLab107
Farrer, SteveCons865Elected
Ingram, Mark PGreen105
Whinney, Christopher T HInd525
Salfords and Sidlow Ward

Turnout: 38.31%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Brooke-Harte, Timothy F JUK Ind84
Eyles, Jane LInd128
Howell, ChrisLib Dem73
Ross-Tomlin, Dorothy ACons439Elected
Stow, Richard JLab63
South Park and Woodhatch Ward

Turnout: 34.34%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Johnson, Patricia ALab352
Lambell, Anthony JLib Dem313
Mcauliffe, EmmaGreen179
Poulter, CarolCons926Elected
Tadworth and Walton Ward

Turnout: 35.73%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Bartram, Peter ALib Dem388
Buttery, MikeCons1304Elected
Cambridge, Robert EUK Ind266
Tattenhams Ward

Turnout: 32.85%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Harrison, NickTatt Res Assoc1065Elected
McCullock, Janice BLib Dem86
Witham, Keith FCons673

Results by Town or Parish (including voter turnout)

Horley North Ward

Turnout: 30.65%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Avis, PaulCons433Elected
Beagle, John RLab181
Brooke-Harte, Timothy F JUK Ind280
Marshall, Simon N WCons385Elected
Marshall, Valerie ACons413Elected
Miller, Michael JCons463Elected
Horley North Central Ward

Turnout: n/a (Candidates unopposed)

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Powell, David TLabn/aElected
Snowball, Veronica MConsn/aElected
Stimpson, Fiona MConsn/aElected
Horley North East Ward

Turnout: 29.41%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Bailey, John WLab127
Chapman, Jack RCons542Elected
Olliver, Richard JInd390Elected
Horley North West Ward

Turnout: n/a (Candidates unopposed)

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Brooke-Harte, Denese LUK Indn/aElected
George, Michael PRes Assocn/aElected
Odds, Sonia ALabn/aElected
Rogers, Sarah EConsn/aElected
Horley South Central Ward

Turnout: 30.07%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Bethell, Richard ICons540Elected
Gall, Janice FUK Ind359Elected
Goldsmith, MoCons578Elected
Mabbett, Linda JLab279
Horley South East Ward

Turnout: 32.37%

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Chapman, Peter JCons320Elected
Dyke, PhilipLab66
Dyke, Susan WLab64
Thomas, StephenCons322Elected
Salfords and Sidlow No.1 Ward

Turnout: n/a (Candidates unopposed)

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Blackmore, JimIndn/aElected
Cook, JanIndn/aElected
Elliot, Andrew CParish Counciln/aElected
Fromant, Robert Jn/an/aElected
Heather, SusieResidentn/aElected
Wilkinson, Rosemary AHousewifen/aElected
Salfords and Sidlow No.2 Ward

Turnout: n/a (Candidate unopposed)

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Scott-Malden, Anne MIndn/aElected
Salfords and Sidlow No.3 Ward

Turnout: n/a (Candidate unopposed)

CandidatePartyNo of Votes
Stiff, Colin BIndn/a




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