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Fire safety

This page provides information and advice on the law relating to fire safety and general guidance on fire precautions in non-factory premises.

Whatever the nature of your business, there will always be a potential for damage or loss due to fire.

Thousands of businesses are adversely affected by fires every year, with many suffering a complete loss of livelihood.

For publication associated with fire safety including a sample risk assessment and business guidance including specific guidance for offices, shops. warehouses and residential accommodations see the Fire and resilience (Communities website).

Full and further advice should always be sought from the Surrey Fire and Rescue Service (Surrey County Council website) which is responsible for issuing Fire Certificates and enforcing other requirements of fire safety legislation.

Common causes of fire

  • Electricity - neglect and misuse of wiring and electrical appliances.
  • Refuse or rubbish - accumulating in work and storage areas.
  • Smoking - discarded cigarettes, matches, inadequate ashtrays.
  • Heaters - Portable heaters can be knocked over, poorly sited or inadequately guarded. All heaters could overheat if obstructed.
  • Hazardous goods - includes materials such as paints, adhesives or other chemicals.
  • Arson - by mischievous children and adult fire raisers, facilitated by ineffectively secured buildings.
  • Specific hazards - machinery in dusty environments, heated equipment (e.g. soldering irons), blow lamps, cutting and welding equipment, flammable liquids.

Last updated : 15/01/2014

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