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Reigate and Banstead Borough Council Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) Remit of the Panel and its Members


We currently have a vacancy for two members to join the Council’s Independent Remuneration Panel for a three-year period, from 2020 to 2023.

Role of the Panel

All members of the Council (“Councillors”) receive a basic allowance. Some members are also paid a special responsibility allowance (SRA) to recognise significant additional responsibilities. SRAs are paid, for example, to members of the Council’s Executive and to Chairs of Committees. Expenses for travelling, subsistence and dependants’ carers’ can also be paid to those members who incur expenditure in undertaking particular duties.

In accordance with legal requirements, the Council has an Independent Remuneration Panel which is made up of people independent from the Council. The Council may only pay allowances and expenses after first considering a report from its Independent Remuneration Panel. It is for the Council to decide on the Members’ Allowances Scheme that is put in place, having regard to the Panel’s recommendations.  

IRP Members are requested to:

  • Analyse and compare appropriate remuneration data from other councils and public bodies.
  • Hear evidence and consider representations from Councillors and senior officers.
  • Assess the roles and responsibilities of Members generally and of those with Special Responsibilities.
  • Consider Government guidance.
  • Analyse issues and evidence, to establish what needs to be done next and/or commission work as appropriate;
  • Make recommendations based on the above, with the intention of achieving an appropriate scheme of allowances for the Council.

How much work is required, and how the Panel does that work, will be decided by the Panel and the time commitment of Panel members will vary throughout the three-year term. However, it is anticipated that the Panel will hold around 5 meetings each year.

What sort of person are you looking to appoint?

Ideally, the person should be involved in the local community, but not politically active within it, and should have an interest in local government. It is important that the Independent Person has the profile and experience that the local community would recognise and respect as bringing an independent, objective and informed perspective to the review process. No particular professional background is specified, but the person should be able to demonstrate probity and high ethical standards.

The essential qualities for the position are that you:

  • Have experience of public life;
  • Have an interest in the work of the council;
  • Have the ability to interpret comparative data and economic trends;
  • Take a balanced, open-minded and objective approach, for example, in evaluating evidence;
  • Can communicate effectively;
  • Demonstrate respect for others, value diversity and respond sensitively to different circumstances;
  • Must not be disqualified from being a councillor;
  • Must not have been a member or officer of the council within the last 5 years; and 
  • Should not be the spouse, partner or close relation or friend of a councillor or officer.


  • Knowledge/experience of the decision making structures in Local Government and/or the public sector is desirable but not essential.
  • Knowledge of the role of Members within local authorities is desirable but not essential.


Training for IRP Members will be provided.


A modest fee (approx. £570) will be paid upon completion of the Panel’s annual report. Expenses incurred for attendance at meetings will also be reimbursed.

Further information

If you are interested in the position please complete the online application form as soon as possible and by no later than Sunday 6 December 2020 (11.59pm)  

Interviews will take place virtually on Monday 14 December 2020 during the early evening. 

If you require further information please contact Alex Berry, Deputy Democratic Services Manager, using the contact details below:

Alex Berry
Tel: 01737 276815, Email: [email protected],