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Commercial catering from home

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  2. 2. Is your kitchen adequate for a catering business?
  1. 3. A documented food safety management system
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It is becoming increasingly popular to start and run a business from your own home. When food is involved this can present a whole range of new problems that need to be considered properly before starting out.

The laws on food safety apply just the same to a business run from home as to any other commercial premises. You will have to register food premises with the Environmental Health Department, which is free.

Once you have registered with us you can start your business. It is your responsibility to comply with the law and provide safe food. If you are storing or preparing high risk foods such as buffets and hot meals then we will arrange an appointment to carryout an inspection shortly after you have registered. If you are storing or preparing low risk foods such as cakes we will send you a questionnaire when you register with us and decide whether or not an inspection is needed, based on your answers.