Complaints the council receives in relation to light pollution.

From time to time, we receive complaints regarding:

  • light pollution of the night sky
  • loss of light due to high hedges, neighbours trees etc
  • interference by light due to security lights shining in bedrooms etc.

Light pollution of the night sky

Unfortunately the Council currently has no power to deal with light pollution of the night sky. The Building and Development Services may take into account factors that affect the amenity of an area when considering individual planning applications.  

Further information on light pollution of the night sky see this link Campaign to Protect Rural England website.

Loss of light due to hedges

High hedges affecting the reasonable enjoyment of domestic property feature in the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003, for further information and to download a high hedge complaint form you should see the High hedges page.

Light shining into rooms

Since 6 April 2006 the Council can investigate light that affects a person in their property under the statutory nuisance provision of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

For further information contact the Environmental Protection Team by emailing [email protected]

Minimising light nuisance from external lights

If you are installing security and other lights, then more information on minimising light nuisance can be found on the Getting Light Right publication ( website).

For general information and advice on statutory nuisance please visit our satutory nuisance homepage. The page provides background information on what the requirements are for something to be a statuatory nuisance, information on how we investigate and what information and commitment we would require from our complainants.

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