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Season tickets terms and conditions

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2. Flexible Season Tickets

The following terms and conditions are subject to review and as such, the Council’s current terms and conditions at the time of application will prevail.

  1. The season ticket must be displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle so that the start date, expiry date and flexible season ticket number are clearly visible at all times.

  2. A flexible season ticket may be used in any of the Council’s Pay & Display Car Parks.

  3. The flexible season ticket is not transferable between vehicles unless prior arrangement made.

  4. The flexible season ticket must not be photocopied. Where two vehicle registrations are present on a flexible season ticket, the flexible season ticket must be transferred between vehicles.

  5. All flexible season tickets begin on 1st of a calendar month. This application must be received at least 10 working days in advance of the commencement month to guarantee sufficient time for processing & dispatch.

  6. Some of the Council’s car parks have a maximum stay of 3 hours parking, and any short term parking restrictions must be adhered to.

  7. A flixible season ticket only permits the holder to park in a Pay & Display bay within the Council’s car parks and does not permit the holder to leave their vehicle in a bay marked otherwise.

  8. Failure to display a flexible season ticket or overstaying in a short term car park or space may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.

  9. Flexible season tickets are not available in person from the Earlswood Depot.

  10. A flexible season ticket does not guarantee a parking space.

  11. The council reserves the right to refuse issue of a season ticket.

  12. If a flexible season ticket has not been used in accordance with the terms and conditions, the Council reserves the right to withdraw the flexible season ticket.

  13. A flexible season ticket may only be used for motorcars licensed as private or goods vehicles not exceeding 30cwt unladen weight or 6’6” in height.

  14. The terms and provisions of the council’s current off-street parking order are implied in this agreement.

  15. Refunds can be obtained on full calendar months only, original flexible season tickets must be returned and an administration charge will apply.

  16. Any omissions of information may result in a delay in the issue of a flexible season ticket. The application will not be processed without acceptance of these terms & conditions.

  17. A replacement flexible season ticket may be obtained from the Council for a cost of £75 for an annual, £18.75 for a quarterly and £5 for a monthly.