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Transport in Horley - what we promised, our progress to date and our future plans


  • to reduce the need to travel and promote sustainable alternatives to the car
  • to ease congestion and limit any impact of new development on exisiting roads 

What we promised

  • two new bus routes linking the new neighbourhoods to the town centre and beyond 
  • public transport information such as Real Time Passenger Information and boards
  • improved facilities at Horley Train Station and at bus stops
  • new pedestrian and cycle routes around the town
  • new link roads to serve the new neighbourhoods
  • improvements to existing junctions
  • traffic calming on existing residential roads around the new neighbourhoods                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Progress to date

  • built a new link road and junction connecting the North East Sector (the Acres) to the A23  
  • built a new link road and junction connecting the North West Sector (Westvale Park) to the A217
  • introduced the Fastway 20 service in 2005
  • expanded the Fastway 20 service into the North East Sector (the Acres) in 2018
  • undertaken comprehensive junction improvements to Longbridge Roundabout
  • undertaken junction improvements to the A23/Massetts Road
  • refurbished Horley Station to improve passenger facilities
  • provided a new transport interchange at Horley Station
  • improved bus stops and real time passenger information
  • provided a new cycle lane on the Balcombe Road
  • undertaken initial improvements to the town centre subway

Future delivery

  • works to facilitate bus services along Meath Green Lane
  • introduction of a new bus service linking the North West Sector to the wider area which will commence in September 2018
  • further expansion of Real Time Passenger Information
  • provision of new cycle and pedestrian routes around the town
  • construction of a new link road linking the A23 to the North West Sector
  • traffic calming on existing residential roads around the new neighbourhoods
  • further refurbishment works to Horley subway
  • improvements at Three Arch Road and Woodhatch junctions to reduce congestion 
  • investment in community transport

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