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County Council election results on 6 May 2021

Banstead, Woodmansterne and Chipstead

Name of Candidate Candidate description Votes


Conservative Party Candidate 2811 elected


Liberal Democrats 621


Labour Party 655

Turnout 38%

Earlswood and Reigate South

Name of Candidate Candidate description Votes

BAART Catherine Margaret

Green Party 1736 Elected

GILES Rex William

Labour Party 548

THOMSON Barbara*

Conservative Party Candidate 1612

Turnout 38%

Horley East

Name of Candidate Candidate description Votes

BEECH Jordan Woonton

Conservative Party Candidate 2034 Elected

KHAN Shasha

Green Party 716


Labour Party 820

Turnout 35%

Horley West, Salfords and Sidlow

Name of Candidate Candidate description Votes


Labour Party 1185
LYNCH Andy Conservative Party Candidate 2281 Elected

Turnout 31%

Merstham and Banstead South

Name of Candidate Candidate description Votes


Labour Party 752

DE VINCENZO Jemma Louise

Liberal Democrats 414


Conservative Party Candidate 2052 Elected
LANE Kumari Green Party 399

Turnout 30%

Nork and Tattenhams

Name of Candidate Candidate description Votes


Labour Party 302


Nork & Tattenhams Residents` Associations 2763 Elected


Conservative Party Candidate 908
KNIGHTS Andrew John Liberal Democrats 162
MORTEN Alistair Patrick Galbraith Green Party 197

Turnout 36%

Redhill East

Name of Candidate Candidate description Votes

ESSEX Jonathan Christopher St Aubyn*

Green Party 2622 Elected

HAY Mick

Labour Party 407

LAMBELL Peter John

Liberal Democrats 144
LEHODEY Adam Conservative Party Candidate 844

Turnout 45%

Redhill West and Meadvale

Name of Candidate Candidate description Votes

BRAMHALL Natalie Jane*

Conservative Party Candidate 1726 elected


Liberal Democrats 1309


UK Independence Party (UKIP) 110
SMITH Mark Dudley Labour Party 829

Turnout 39%


Name of Candidate Candidate description Votes

CHANDLER Paul Holmes

Green Party 948

LEWANSKI Victor Henry

Conservative Party Candidate 2146 elected


Labour Party 456
VINCENT John William Liberal Democrats 1101

Turnout 44%

Tadworth, Walton and Kingswood

Name of Candidate Candidate description Votes


Labour Party 450

PAUL Rebecca Sheila

Conservative Party Candidate 2875 Elected

PONSFORD Roger Baizeley

Green Party 437
THOMPSON Christopher Gerard Appleton Liberal Democrats 356

Turnout 35%

* = Councillor seeking re-election

Elections of councillors for Surrey County Council will take place on 6 May 2021. County Council elections are held every 4 years.

Surrey County Council look after services including education, transport and social services and much more so make sure you have your say and vote on polling day.

The Reigate and Banstead area is divided into 10 County Council divisions, including:

  • Banstead, Woodmansterne and Chipstead
  • Earlswood and Reigate South
  • Horley East
  • Horley West, Salfords and Sidlow
  • Merstham and Banstead South
  • Nork and Tattenhams
  • Redhill East
  • Redhill West and Meadvale
  • Reigate
  • Tadworth, Walton and Kingswood

Electors will be voting for 1 candidate for each division. 

Polling stations will be safe places to vote on polling day, but there are other ways to vote. Further information is available on our webpage for coronavirus and elections.


Register to Vote

To vote in elections you must be registered to vote . The deadline to register to vote in the County Council Elections is 23:59 Monday 19 April 2021.

Applications to vote by post or change/cancel an existing postal or proxy vote must be received by 5pm Tuesday 20 April 2021. We would advise that you submit your applications as early as possible if you are planning to vote by post.

New applications to vote by proxy must be received by 5pm Tuesday 27 April 2021.

If you are registered and eligible to vote in these elections, you will receive a poll card around the first week of April informing you where your polling station is, or if you've applied for a postal vote, when you can expect to receive your postal voting pack.

If you are not sure whether you are registered to vote you can call the elections helpline number on 01737 276794.

You can find out more about voting in Borough Council elections and other elections being held on 6 May 2021 at Your Vote Matters.

Previous election results

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