European Members of Parliament

The European Parliament has 751 Members who are elected in the 28 member states of the EU for a five-year term. There are 73 MEPs for the UK.

Most of the time, Parliament and the MEPs are based in Brussels where its specialist committees meet to scrutinise proposals for new EU laws.

The South East Region (which includes the Borough of Reigate & Banstead) is represented by 10 Members of the European Parliament.

Their details can be found on the European Parliament Website.

  1. Nigel Paul Farage - UKIP

  2. Dan Hannan - Conservative Party

  3. Janice Ann Atkinson - UKIP

  4. Nirj Deva - Conservative Party

  5. Anneliese Jane Dodds - Labour Party

  6. Diane Martine James - UKIP

  7. Richard James Ashworth - Conservative Party

  8. Keith Richard Taylor - Green Party

  9. Catherine Zena Bearder - Liberal Democrats

  10. Ray Finch - UKIP

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