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Transport facts and figures

Data relating to transport and travel within the borough is predominantly drawn from the 2001 Census.

According to the 2001 Census, there is considerable work related traffic movement in the borough as in addition to the 31,000 people who live and work in the borough:

  • a further 27,000 travel in from the outside
  • 34,000 commute out
  • if we exclude the 6,000 who work at home, this gives a total of 86,000 journeys to work.

Of the people who live in the Borough, 64% travel by car – in line with the Surrey average. Assuming this overall average, this means that the 86,000 work related journeys made twice a day result in some 110,000 car journeys within the borough each working day.

Worrying statistics show that half of the people who work within 2km of their home still travel by car.

Rail use

Rail use within the borough continues to rise. According to latest figures, the borough's stations saw more than 8 million entries and exits during 2008/09, an increase of almost 2% on the previous year.