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The budget

The Council's budget and how it plans its spending for the following year.

Our budget covers all the services the Government require councils to provide such as:

  • waste collection
  • street cleaning
  • planning
  • environmental health
  • housing

as well as those services that make the borough a special place, such as:

  • parks and open spaces
  • leisure centres
  • day centres
  • the Harlequin theatre

Our budget book shows the revenue budget for the Council for the current year which is summarised by Function, arranged alphabetically. A copy is available to download below.


What we spend, where we get it from

The Council spends approximately £81 million providing services to residents.

Of that money:

  • 79 per cent comes from what we call 'income' (that is grants, fees and charges)
  • 18 per cent comes from council tax
  • 3 per cent comes from government grant.

Full details of the Council's finances are available in our annual financial report.

Involvement in the budgetary process

The Council has a statutory duty to consult local businesses as part of the budgetary process.

Members of the public also contribute to the decision-making process via their contributions to our surveys about local priorities.

If you would like to ask a question or make any comments about the budget, including suggesting ideas about how it could be improved in future years, please use the contact us form below.

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